Uncle Jock – Ginger Bearded Gay Bear

Get ready to growl with Uncle Jock! This 10 cm tall hunk of manliness is part of The Classic Heroes Collection and is a must-have for all fans of LGBTQ+ culture and the gay bear community.

Uncle Jock is a cool and relaxed ginger-bearded dad in his forties who is loved by everyone in the neighborhood, a real mentor to the young men who follow him because they have a reason to. He knows what’s important in life and values friends and community over money. When he’s not kicking back with a beer at the bar, you can find him lounging in a mountain cabin or soaking up the sun on the docks. His life motto is simple: “Easy!” And that’s just what he brings to the table.

This original Uncle Jock figurine is made with plant-based resin and 3D printing technology, and is hand-painted and varnished to perfection. So, embrace your inner gay bear and make a difference with Uncle Jock in your collection today!

Each Uncle Jock figurine is crafted by hand, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike. The packaging includes one figurine. The other figurines visible in the last photo are available as separate listings.